photo by  Isaac Sterling


Joshua Corbett (b. 1981) is a freelance photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. His current work focuses on the concepts of family, culture, and community in the context of the shifting geopolitical and environmental landscapes of the Arctic.

Joshua was born in Alaska to a pair of surf-hippy transplants (pictured below) from Southern California. He has an MA in International Relations and International Economics from The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and has lived and worked in the Philippines, Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom, and Afghanistan. He still wears matching snow suits and hopes one day to grow a mustache as fearsome as his father's (also pictured). He is currently based in Alaska and available for assignments within the known solar system.

Joshua was selected as a participant in the Eddie Adams Workshop 27 and is currently completing a three year Advanced Mentored Study Program in Documentary Photography under the guidance of Jim Estrin (NYT) and Ed Kashi (VII Photo). He was also honored with a 2016 Rasmuson Foundation project grant that is helping to funding a long-term project focusing on the remote St. Lawrence island.

Arri Alexa EV Owner/Operator

Part 107 Commercial Drone Licensed Operator / Phantom 4 Pro+


The New York Times, Newsweek, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, WIRED, The Guardian, CNN, Bloomberg Businessweek, Purina Pet Food, Boston University, BC Law Magazine, NBC-Universal/The Esquire Network, US Census Bureau, Deutche Press-Agentur/DPA, The Alaska Humanities Forum, Access Alaska, The Anchorage Press, The Alaska Democratic Party, AFL-CIO, Sprocketheads Productions, Affinityfilms Inc., The ARC of Anchorage, and others.



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